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I want you to meet my friend Earnie.

Earnie is a retired military and he and I first met one day when he came into business and became my customer. Over time Earnie has stopped chatting to us again and again, and we have become quite fond of each other. In fact it was Earnie who prompted me to tell you this story.

Earnie stopped by one day and the conversation got around to casinos, we have several Indian casinos in our area. “George, you can take your wife out to dinner at these places,” says Earnie. “And they got lobster, crab, steak you name it! All ya gotta do is get a VIP card!”

So my friend was unwittingly sending me into casino players hell link vào cmd368.

Let me break in here and say a little bit about these “VIP Cards” or memberships at any casino, be it Indian, Vegas, or Atlantic City. I am neither “for” or “against” them. They are an individual decision, but one I do hope you make as a representative player. we went to get our free dinner.

Dinner was a buffet (how unique) and with all the buffets, there was so much food to choose from. The Cape Cod shellfish is a staple to me as I did the seafood section. Now remember, Earnie told me that this dinner was free, because I signed up for a VIP card, but let me tell you how much it really cost.

I’m not going to itemize the gas, the valet tips, etc. etc. I might spend that. BUT, a casino is just a grocery store. The bread and milk are always the farthest from the front door. As is the buffet line, slots and tables of rows and rows go through. Can we make it a machine in dropping a few coins without the buffet line? NOT! 45min to an hour for the buffet line and wait for So We Go. Cost so far, about $ 30 and 1 hour of time. After we eat we have agreed to spend “a little time on the slots”, so with cards in hand, off we go….

You all know how that ends, so let me get back to the subject at hand.

The V.I.P. Card.

The cards are given out to players so the casinos can do a little tracking, marketing, and gathering information. Surprise! Do the casinos sell your information? Probably not so much for you as they are for the long run in the casino with players info and spam. If the casino is part of a larger conglomerate that owns more than one property they may share amongst themselves, but not with competition, or with non-gaming entities. The biggest use of the cards is marketing, not targeted marketing, LASER TARGETED MARKETING.

You see, you gave the casino everything they needed for this, and you continue to pile up more information. All willingly, and even joyfully. The basics are easy, “George, come on, have a free birthday dinner!” Arriving in your mailbox about 10 days before your birthday (must have time to plan). And a similar promotion for every holiday on the calendar. If you and your spouse, or anyone else in the household, have cards then the marketing grows exponentially. “Hey Honey, we went to the casino for Mother’s Day, why not for Father’s Day?” So for each promotion they get a shot at more than one player in the house …. forget about friends, and friends of friends.

Now, why do you think some people get some kind of special promotion that is only good on certain days and even at a certain time frame. Well … they track the habits and “action” of the players day by hour, and duration. When does military retirement and social security pay? Why just a few days later the casino promotion comes out.

Enough already you get the idea so you can get, and use, these cards as an agricultural player.

What about Earnie?

He stopped by yesterday, and we had the usual chat, and I even put him to work while I could. “You know I get that free dinner every couple of weeks.”, Says Earnie. “So I went up to eat last night,” (hmmm the first of the month) “played a bit and wound up losin ‘300 bucks. That was my whole months gambling allowance, expensive dinner if ya ask me. for a while. ”

As am I.

George Savery writes about online gambling, and conventional gambling from both the players aspect and the casino owners as well. If you haven’t tried online gambling yet, be sure to review George’s website.

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